New York State

Saratoga Springs

  • The Local.Gotta love a cozy pub with tea on the menu. On the pricier side for food but so is most of Saratoga. Great place if you're a "reading at the bar in the middle of the day" sort of person.
  • Head to Karavalli for excellent upscale Indian food with lots of options for special diets and top-notch service.
  • Saratoga Tea and Honey Company offers drinks to go or at the bar and has a honey tasting room and loose-leaf teas for purchase with loads of options to choose from.
  • Triangle Diner is my favorite of Saratoga's diners, although Compton's has more old-school vibes and the food at Shirley's is great.
  • If you're looking to splurge, Hamlet and Ghost has incredible seasonal, local food and great cocktails (and mocktails) with a speakeasy-lite vibe. Vegetarians should be okay, but folks with other dietary restrictions may struggle.
  • Saratoga Springs State Park features museums, a hotel, a cafe, an automatic bike rental station, a network of lovely lawns, mostly flat paths for easy walking and, yes, springs.

  • Coming Eventually: Kingston, Lake Placid.