North Eastern US

Portland, ME

  • Standard Bakery has great loose-leaf tea and baked goods and is a great place to grab something quick.
  • Micucci is the local Italian market - drop in for take-out Sicilian pizza.
  • If you'd like fancier, dine-in Sicilian pizza, Slab is incredible.
  • Uncharted is a bubble tea cafe with seating, games, and unique drinks.
  • I haven't been as it's not veggie-friendly, but friends and passengers raved about Duck Fat.
  • Fort Gorges is open to the public but only accessible by water taxi. Suggestion: pick up breakfast from Standard and go first thing on Sunday morning.

  • Speed round while I pull together actual lists for other spots: Old Professor's Bookstore in Belfast, Maine; Bar One and Union Coffee in Milford, NH, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Blue Bottle Coffee, and the Harvard Bookstore in Boston, MA.