Similar personal sites:
  • Liminal Limulus
  • Jinkies Jess.

  • Similarly old-school sites, a small selection:
  • Atomic Rockets (hard SF reference site)
  • Encyclopedia Astronautica, a thorough encyclopedia of space history
  • Fanfiction Symposium
  • Murderpedia
  • Marginalia, an experimental search engine that rewards text and older pages
  • Adherents's list of Quakers (and other religions) in SF.
  • Low-tech webring directory
  • Forgotten futures, a TTRPG based on scientific romances
  • Echos of Blue Mars, archive of, which streamed spacey music.
  • Ansible, an online zine/column/website about science fiction.
  • Anarchy Works, a plainly formatted online "book" introducing anarchism.
  • Pluralistic, Cory Doctorow's links aggregation website

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